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Iggy isn’t a rapper.

She doesn’t have bars

Or punchlines

Or a flow for that matter

Bet money you tell her to freestyle on the spot she’ll either make an excuse or be stuttering

that’s literally what happened lmao 


I don’t even wanna

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Anonymous said: Get over it, seriously.


I dare you to say this to Mike Brown’s family.

To Kajieme Powell’s family.

To Vonderrit Myers’ family.

To Eric Garner’s family.

To Darrien Hunt’s family.

To Ezell Ford’s family.

To Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ family.

To John Crawford’s family.

To Kendrec McDade’s family.

To Rekia Boyd’s family.

To Miriam Carey’s family.

To Amadou Diallo’s family.

To Oscar Grant’s family.

To Sean Bell’s family. 

To Ramarley Graham’s family.

I dare you to say this off anon.

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i just remembered people with penises can’t have multiple consecutive orgasms ohhjhhh my g OD HAHAHAHHKDFHAH

Well people with vaginas have periods so I think y’all deserve all the orgasms you want

that’s….really sweet… omfg

This post is also inclusive of transgender people this is the most positive post be seen all week


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she is so important
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she is so important

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Sam Smith is a gift from heaven and I don’t care if you feel otherwise.

You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.
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Hey Lady !


You looking good in all that melanin !

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lmfaooooooo bruuuhhh !!!!
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lmfaooooooo bruuuhhh !!!!

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Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light.
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